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About Leapfrog Ventures
How is Leapfrog Different?

While anyone can have a good idea and form a company, great companies capitalize on opportunities and leapfrog their peers because of the vision, expertise and focus of their teams. That's exactly what sets Leapfrog Ventures apart from other venture firms – our team and the value we can bring to yours.

OPERATING EXPERIENCE.  At Leapfrog, each member of our team has been a successfully technology entrepreneur – not just once, but multiple times. So we understand what it takes to build a successful company from the inside out. Leapfrog's operating experience is a stark contrast to most VC firms, staffed by book-smart MBAs. While an MBA is a great theoretical foundation for business, learning about the success or failure of others is no substitute for actually succeeding (or failing). Harvard Business School (HBS) proudly proclaims, "Each day at HBS begins with one question: What will you do?" For start-up entrepreneurs, the more relevant question is: "What have you done?" At Leapfrog, we have been in your shoes.

ENTREPRENEUR SUPPORT. Building any successful company has ups and downs. Even Google was near failure multiple times before hitting its stride. Reaching success requires being nimble as your world changes daily. As successful operating executives, the Leapfrog team has dealt with these uncertainties first-hand and can help you avoid repeating mistakes others have made, whether this is your first start-up or you're a seasoned veteran. Further, we have extensive experience working with investors and boards, so we are very sensitive to the negative impact on productivity created by inexperienced or over-zealous board members. While many firms claim to support their portfolio companies, our commitment to and support of entrepreneurs and founders is our greatest distinction.

TECHNOLOGY EXPERTISE.  We only invest in what we know – information technology, software, communications, wireless and technology-heavy consumer start-ups. While we never provide a substitute for the vision of a brilliant entrepreneur, we absolutely help CEOs and founders build great companies around that vision. Our most unique value is the real-world experience we bring to our portfolio companies, so we focus exclusively on technology domains where our partners have personal experience in creating products and successfully running companies. That way, you have access to skilled resources, not just financial resources. That fact we guarantee.

The bottom line is that the partners at Leapfrog Ventures built a venture capital firm that we would want to work with as entrepreneurs. We can help you address the challenges you face because we have personally overcome them ourselves. That's how we are different.

I wish other VCs respected entrepreneurs as much as the partners at Leapfrog do. - SilverTail Systems